What will your money do?

Claire is 25, she has a rare disability which impacts on her both psychically and mentally. She is kind and happy and loves her family and support team but she hates sitting in the house all day. Claire would love to get out of the house more and try some new social groups, but the money she receives isn’t enough to socialise very much.

Claire would like £6 per week to attend a sports social group that would get her out on a Wednesday and make friends.

Mohammed is just 18, his mother in prison, his father unknown, and his only other family member, a brother, moves between psychiatric care and drug rehabilitation. Mohammed went into foster care at 15 when his mum went into prison, but he found it difficult to live in another family that was so different for his own upbringing. Between the ages of 15 and 17, Mohammed had lived in 60 different homes.

At 17 he had been sent to live in a Bed & Breakfast. He was alone, angry, hated the world and hungry. He stole some food from the local shop. Mohammed spent his 18th birthday in custody. When he came out he was sent to a town he had lived in with his mother at 15. He knew no one, was told to meet his probation officer and given a room in a hostel.

Mohammed has nothing but the clothes he is standing in. He needs the foundation to access emergency food (£20) and clothes (£50).


We want to change these stories and make sure someone is around on the days when it counts.


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