Need Support?

The foundation will support children, young people and vulnerable adults to reach their potential, survive a crisis, and gain opportunities that many of us take for granted. We want to be there when someone feels like all options have run out and there is nowhere else to go.

Whether it be extra funding for a school trip, weekly swimming sessions for a disabled adult or helping a young parent pay the electric meter when their money just didn’t stretch far enough.

FEVACA Foundation works to support vulnerable people. The Foundation will support a wide array of individual and group projects which meet the following objectives.

  1. Transitions – supporting those leaving care in the UK, including those who have received services from Fonjock’s Social Work Practice Limited (see Connections section of this application), to gain access to financial support and funding for educational and living needs. This can range from financial assistance in making payments for essential amenities like electric bills, to the costs of essential items to facilitate employment opportunities, commuter costs, work uniforms and tools.
  2. Making a Home – supporting vulnerable people to gain funds for rent support, a deposit for a house or managing housing debt. The priority will be to help avoid anyone becoming homeless for a lack of an ability to pay rent or to obtain basic housing advice.
  3. Social engagement (Positive experiences) – to encourage and provide the opportunity for all vulnerable people to enjoy holidays, activities and social engagement which they might not otherwise be able to access whether as a result of social, political or financial exclusion. This may include paying for a venue booking to facilitate a social event e.g. a wheelchair basketball group, or a LGBTQ service to assist with a youth club.
  4. Community (wider world) – to encourage and support vulnerable people to be active in the community locally and further afield. It will do this through groups of volunteers, beneficiaries and trustees attending groups in the community, hosting community events and help to create an environment where members of the community can learn about each others’ cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Tell us what you need. We will contact you.

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