About us

FEVACA is a company that has been working with care leavers, children in care and vulnerable people in the community since 2011:  The Directors, Caroline and Lionel have worked with like-minded individuals from social care, health, education and business to create THE FEVACA FOUNDATION, a new and completely separate organisation, so that support which is beyond their ability can be met through a wider, larger and more significant response. The Foundation is currently registering as a charity with the Charities Commission and is a Charitable Incorporated Company with Companies House.

The trustees have the experience and knowledge to know how the most simple and obvious needs are slipping through the gaps in government, private and voluntary sector support. This is leaving care leavers with no safety net when they don’t manage to survive on £57 a week, and leaving adults with disabilities at home and unable to afford the access to basic services which would help them socialise and develop their interpersonal skills.

Often many of these crisis of poverty and social isolation are easily resolved but this can take money, sometimes very small pockets of money. We wish to build an organisation which can offer a helping hand when it is most needed, a small crisis payment to help someone get the electric back on, or fund a support worker to help them learn to budget their meagre funds better in future.

Initially we expect to be supporting local care leavers and vulnerable adults, but we hope that rather than always reacting to the crisis, we can also develop streams of funding and support which will enable beneficiaries of the charity to access educational opportunities, pathways into work, and positive experiences which they may never have accessed; these could be large international educational experiences, or smaller projects such as visits to a restaurant or the theatre – both experiences we have known many young adults to never have had during childhood!

Therefore, the Foundation will be able to support children, young people and vulnerable adults to reach their potential, survive a crisis, and access the opportunities that many of us take for granted.

We want to be there when someone feels like all the options have run out and there is nowhere else to go.

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